Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Dangers of Rising Damp...

Don’t look now, but there’s an alligator behind your sofa…

A woman in Brazil was shocked to find an alligator hiding behind her sofa after heavy rains flooded her house in the town of Parauapebas, in Para state.

She said she was alerted to the reptile's presence by her three-year-old son, who was patting its head.

The woman snatched the child away and called the fire brigade, who trapped the 1.5m-long (5ft) alligator.

The firefighters said the family was lucky the reptile was not hungry.

Firefighter Captain Luiz Claudio Farias said it could have seriously hurt or even killed the boy.

Capt Farias said it was not uncommon for animals such as alligators and snakes to enter people's houses in towns such as Parauapebas which are built very near rivers and the rainforest.

He said the reptile had been released in a less populated area of the town.

Barry Eva (Storyheart)

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Michelle V said...

Holy cow, I can't imagine what that did to her heart when she saw her 3 yr old patting an alligator's head!! Behind her couch! LOL! Good gravy that's crazy!

Kate Dolan said...

That sounds like something from a funny movie! Alligators are showing up in crowded areas in this country, too. It will be interesting to see if they start to act domesticated like the ducks kids feed in the park (actually, those ducks can get pretty aggressive if you run out of bread...)

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