Sunday, August 8, 2010

Herby Goes Poo Powered

Adam Sandler has a song quite often heard around the more rowdy Karaoke bars called "Ode to the car" or "Piece of s**t car".

This now seems to be not far from the point as a car has been developed in Bristol, England that runs on methane, generated by human excrement, trying to aid the search for sustainable motoring.

One of the largest sewage works in England, Avonmouth (Bristol) sewage treatment plant have taken a VW Beetle and powered it by methane, with the gas stored in tanks in the boot (trunk), enough to power the VW for around 200 miles. The plan is to bring in waste from other areas like supermarkets ti increase the amount of methane available.

Methane was discovered in 1776 by Alessandro Volta (the inventor of the battery)
This is not something new, California garbage trucks are running on their own rubbish, bananas are being used for methane power in Australia, during the world wars; farmers used methane from their cows to power trucks.

Once good thing from the broadcast (see link below) it seems the smell is not as bad as one might think

Barry Eva (Storyheart)

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Morgan Mandel said...

That may be a great solution. There's no shortage of s**t.

Morgan Mandel

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